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How to distinguish the heat-set ink printing and bronzing

Published on  by admin. from: International Ink Expert Co., Limited
1, process of different
Heat transfer is the first patterns printed on the thermal transfer paper (commonly known as heat transfer paper), when needed, the thermal transfer paper covered in T-shirts, put into the heat transfer machine (machine) is heated and pressurized to a few seconds, the pattern is transferred to the T shirt; thermosetting ink printing is the use of thermosetting ink special direct print patterns in the T-shirt, and then into the infrared drying equipment drying, in this process, the ink particles melt, and T-shirts fiber combined firmly, cooling and molding.

2, the appearance of different
The appearance of different because must use white stromal melting heat transfer paper, can the pattern "stick" to T-shirts, so the traditional pyrography patterns tend to have stiff white edge is not natural; thermosetting ink printing, no hard edges hate, because it is "direct" printing, do not need the white matrix.

3, feel different, permeability of different
Feel different, permeability of different heat transfer feels like a layer of rubber, because white matrix and pigment about 0.5mm thick, is a sealing layer continuous; thermosetting ink printing is in a scattered distribution in the T-shirt on a subtle color particles, soft breathable, feel close to the water slurry printing, but water slurry printing a more vibrant color durability.

The new press also has advantages: said in front of a big article heat transfer problems, in fact, as a new T-shirt printing, heat transfer has its unique advantages: 1, print T-shirt production rapidly, no plate, can lidengkequ. 2, transfer pattern of fine particles, can achieve the picture level, while the printing is not up to. 3, a small area of the pattern, the permeability is not affected, heat transfer is more appropriate, cheaper. In recent years, heat transfer process has been improving, new heat transfer in air permeability, soft, washable and so have a great improvement, is almost as printing, white matrix has been replaced as a transparent substrate with thin. T-shirt pre-coated some solution, can be produced entirely breathable heat transfer. Brightness, other printing press is better than.
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